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Billing Information QLMC

The bill is a consolidation of the services you received at QLMC. If you have medical insurance, we would be billing your insurance provider, Medicaid, or Medicare on your behalf.

You may also receive separate bills from your physician, surgeon, and other personnel involved in your care.

Send an email to, and we will get in touch with you to help resolve whatever billing issues may exist.

Financial Policy

Insurance carriers may change ID numbers, the scope of coverage, and pre-authorization requirements often. Ensure that you are equipped with the current information about your insurance provider every time you visit the clinic. This also includes your current ID and insurance card. Maintaining accurate information is vital as it helps to reduce administrative costs.

At QLMC, we aim to provide quality medical service at affordable rates. We understand that medical expenses are often unanticipated. Our staff can help you understand the billing information process and insurance.

  • It is up to the patient to verify our participation in their insurance plan.
  • The patient is responsible for the portion of the bill not covered by the insurance. This includes co-pays and co-insurances.
  • Insurance providers do not cover elective procedures. In this case, the patient should pay for the procedure in advance or on the day of service.
  • Ensure that you pay any unpaid balances within 30 days of service. Please get in touch with us regarding payment arrangements if you cannot pay the remaining balance.
  • Missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours incur a charge of $25.
  • Repeated missed appointments or multiple cancellations may result in removal from the practice.

Please contact your insurer regarding the payments and denials.


QLMC bills the primary insurer according to the terms of the payment agreement you have with us. However, as a courtesy, we also bill the secondary insurer. If the payment has not been made within 60 days, the patient is responsible for the bill.


You may need to pay for the “Patient Responsibility” portion of the bill as mentioned in the “Explanation of Benefits.” from your insurer. Furthermore, you will also pay for the services not covered by your Medicare plan.

As a courtesy to our patients, we also bill the secondary insurance.

Payment Info

Mail the payments to 5390 E. Erickson Dr., Tucson AZ, 85712 attention “Billing Department.” In case of any questions, call 520.777.3819.

Ensure that you make any pending payments within 30 days of service. In case you are unable to make the payments in full, contact our billing office to make alternate payment agreements. As long as you keep up with the payments, you will continue to receive service.

Self-Payment Accounts

Patients holding self-pay accounts will be asked to pay for a new patient visit ($105 to $230). The price may vary depending on the time and the extent of the appointment. Moreover, we will bill you for any additional services.

Again, you may want to contact the billing department if you are unable to make payments.

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